About us

Quo Vadis Music = the Joy of singing to the Lord Together, even we are Different.

The Quo Vadis Music ministry has this motto (subject): "where goes my Music?"; "For who and why I sing?"; "Where arrives my music?"; "Where should arrive my music?".
"Quo Vadis" - It's an expression which the first Christians from the Roman Empire have used it on their time. "Quo Vadis" (it reads so: "Kvo Vadis") means "where you go?".

Henryk Sienkiewicz, a great Polish writer, has written the famous novel called "Quo Vadis”, where the Apostle Peter asks Lord Jesus: "Quo vadis Domine?" meaning “Where you go (my) Lord?". You can read more about that novel which has inspired us, for choosing our choir ministry name, here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quo_Vadis_(novel). Quo Vadis Music” it's a Christian-musical mission which has the purpose to use the music for preaching the Gospel of Christ, bricking the Church, fondling and encouraging the suffering ones, reuniting us to know each other better, reuniting in a single ideal and family all the people that were or are members of any Romanian choir or group named „Quo Vadis”, but the lovers of that musical genre too, preparing us to sing TOGETHER in that great day, to sing wonderful hymns to Whose that He has given Himself, giving us the eternal happiness.

There are so much common memories, so many pictures, videos, dates, that I finally realized that the existing of a dedicated site is more than a simply request. Already, through this virtual dais we would be able to find out each others, even to organize "Quo Vadis Choirs" Family's meetings/concerts if it's possible.

We will present here, with God’s will, some information about the „Quo Vadis” groups, choir or different missions inside the „Quo Vadis Music” ministry (historical, mp3 melodies, photos, videos etc.).