Forthcoming projects

We hope that, with God’s will, we could start producing more than an album at every 7 years J... We have passed and we pass through a difficult period of economic transition which didn’t let us too much time for CD recordings. However, through God’s grace and because of the American foundation “My Brother’s Keeper”, now we have a minimal equipment that helped us to record our last album “I Remember You”. (We sing all the songs from the CD in the Romanian language too). This album has 2 styles of music: classical and modern. Although, because of our listeners tastes, we are intending to produce albums dedicated to one genre or other (vocal-instrumental modern genre, or classical genre, our two big preferences alike).

Expectations in the future

  • creating a new (in the Romanian language) in a modern style
  • creating a CD with dedicated to the teenagers and children
  • a new CD with only classical songs
  • printing some collections/sheets with choral-instrumental (contemporary music style) which we are singing, beside CD’s with demos and negatives for helping any other choir to use our materials
  • other choir evangelistical tournaments, different missions, in different places



If you wish to implicate in the “Quo Vadis Music” ministry maintenance, you can do through:

  • prayers – so that we can continue to herald the Gospel to other people through music, especially to the unchristian people (yet).
  • donations – absolutely necessary for the things we have to do in the chapters below, especially “Featured projects” and “Necessary” (for details, write to the Contact section)