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A history of «open and closed doors»

— narrationed by Eduard Teodorescu 

I am writing these sentences thinking that every choir people that I am working with would wish to know what « brother Eduard » is doing now, what he has done until now... A lot of past choir people are asking me if I am still supervising any choir, or if this choir mission exists yet or not. It’s hard for me to have a completely answer for everyone, sending to each one the entire story in a short email. The choir’s history is too vast. That’s why I decided to write the entire choir's history on this site. Actually, the whole story can’t be written here because I should write an entire autobiographic novel. Here you will see just a summary of events... 


The begining of the choir's ministry... 

When I was just 8 years old, the teacher from my school has formed a two voices choir with our class. With or without my will, I was chosen to be the « chief  of the second voice » (I remember even now parts of a melody). That’s the beginning of my « choral experience ». In the same time, my mother (Martha Teodorescu) has started to lead a little children choir in the Christian Church from Pascani and me, I was again chosen to the second voice…. Some years later, when I was 15 or 16 years old, I « progressed » at the third voice (tenor), and at 18 years old I was already a bass master J.

     In the high school period I had to make a hard choice: to sing just for God or/and for the world (too). In the 9th class I was asked by the teachers for helping them to form a musical group for participating to a festival named « Romania’s Song » (organized by the Communist Party), to the folk section. I accepted, so in a short time I was participating into this national tournament. But, spiritually speaking, when I saw what a dirty medium where among that artists, I said to the Lord and to myself: « That’s cannot be for a Christian!… ».

Thinking of my grandfather -Michael Scheel, past opera singer in Bucharest, renouncing at his same career, because same reasons - for glory of Christ, thinking of brother Nicolae Moldoveanu’s (one of the biggest Christian Romanian composer which he has refused to compose for Communist Party, that meaning added years in prison) like examples for my life, but thinking especially at my Jesus who have renounced at His glory for me, I've decided that, from now on, I will sing just for the Lord. I tough to myself: « Lord gave me the coin, so is fairly that I should give it back just to Him, but with profit ». That remained a pure personal decision which can’t be a rule for others. Every man had to have his own commitment and invocation. But actually I know and I can tell to everybody something: God remembers our decisions! Maybe we forget them, but He don't.  He works in the best ways for us and He is blessing us because our right past decisions into His glory; and that even sometimes, we aren’t expecting more of that from Him. Of curse, our bad decisions are far-reaching too.


Bucuresti - Izbanda, my first choir

When I was 23 years old, I mean in the first University years (Polytechnical Institute, in the building machines technology engineering field), I was singing at tenor in the choir of a Brethren Church in Bucharest , on Izbandei street, no.23 address. But when  the brother Gigi Druga, the first conductor, has emigrated definitely in USA, I was chosen by the choir people and by the committee of the church  to continue this hard task. At first, it was very hard to work with a choir which was formed already by another conductor, but, on the other hand, with this « tough » experience (so it seemed to be then), the Lord was preparing me for a real mission for other choirs that were going to exist. I was preparing very intensive to become a good engineer, but the Lord was opening me the first doors of something very different.

Choir people from Bucharest, Izbanda's church, nov 1983


Here, at Bucharest, I learned that a choir means more than a group of people wich are singing, but a group of people which can pray together, too. And, because we would want to have more time fore prays, I thought to organize some excursions with prayer time too.

Trip with choir people from Izbanda’s Church, in dec 1983


Trip with choir people from Izbanda’s Church, in Jul 1994


Suceava 1 (1987-1989), the second choir 

In December 1984 I get married with my dear Anca. When she finished the Medicine University (in July 1986), she received a repartition as a probationer doctor, for 3 years, in Suceava. So, I had to move on with my job’s department, too... I was asking me « why » I had to go scarcely there, and if God is having a plan, or if it’s just a case. I was just arrived there, in Suceava, and brother Ioan Fodor has call me in his house: "oh, dear brother Eduard, you are the answer at our many prayers"; he asked me to form a choir in the local church (the Brethren Church on Marauti street). It was such a fast answer from God!...

In time, I observed that when the Lord is opening you the door, you don’t have to push it at all, you don’t have to worry and you don’t have to do nothing. He is the administrator, you are just a implementer, a simple gable.

So I started to organize the second choir, this time formed 100% by myself. I realized that the experience from « Bucharest-Izbanda » has been so perfect for me, so in a short time I had a good choir here in Suceava. 

Suceava1 choir in a evangelisation trip, 1987


Choir people from Suceava 1 to a choir lady's weeding, spring 1987


Like in Bucharest, with the Suceava choir I had a lot of praying times and two extrodinary excursions : one in Obcinile Bucovinei Mountains in summer 1987 (I cannot forget the little train that cared us 10 km and the fume from the engine that « fumigated » all of us J -such a pity that Viorel Temneanu’s photo camera was veiling), and second- a 1000 Km Romanian tour true Cluj-Sibiu (Poiana - Paltinis) and Bucharest.

  But after the 1989 revolution, the job’s situation has aggravated because the economy, based on the socialist structure which has collapsed in the new « original » privatizing era, in a specifical « post-December’89-s » style. Neither in the Suceava Local Church, my mission’s situation wasn’t so good like at the start, because there were always someone to came after other he has won the « war » and say: « hey, your choir people are really good and very well prepared, so, I really need you for some evangelistic missions some people like a new manly choir… » (his manly choir...).

 On the other hand, an unexpected situation has appeared : my wife, Anca, could now opt for remaining a family doctor in Suceava OR in Ploiesti all her life, so, she had to decide until 1 March 1990 ! I saw that God is speedy driving us to Ploiesti. I felt that the « door » is shutting down in Suceava... Then I decided that is better for Anca, for the children and for me to move in Ploiesti, a zone with a better « economical climate ». In March 1990, I was already moved (with all the house, the furniture) in Ploiesti.        


Ploiesti 1 choir (1990-1996)

While I was moving from Suceava to Ploiesti, on that long and exhausting way, in that huge truck, I was thinking were I was going to put all the furniture and who will going to help me to care it, because I knew just Anca and the driver are near me. Anca’s parents were too old and I couldn’t count on their help. I tasked for a little help with a pal from Ploiesti (Sorin Taban), but he couldn’t come to help me in that evening...I was thinking : « Why I had to move in Ploiesti ? Did God had another plan with me ? Why I had to move on again ? »

When I arrived, late, at the new location (where I leave now), I was very tired and emotive. When I opened the door, a lot of young people were there, in the garden, for help and they started quickly to care our furniture, our chairs and even that the weighty piano! They moved so fast that I didn’t realized that in only two hours it was all our house moved. After that febrile activity, but full of ambition and cheerfulness, I was staring to them and I didn’t know how to thank them for what they did and asking myself: « Where that young people are come from? How they heard about me? Before living, they were all in front of the door, tired, but happy. Finely, one of them said, bashful : « Brother Eduard,  if you would agree...we wish you to form a choir with us, like that one in Suceava...You know, we are like a herd without a pastor, you know... Please, care about us, working like our choir director».  Some moments I remained voiceless. Genuinely, I didn’t thought that God will answer me so quickly about my main tendency of moving in Ploiesti, throught that unknown young people, even in our moving day! When I sad « Yes! » they were so happy! Actually I was very glad, too!

« When God is opening a door to you, you don’t have to push it at all. »

I started to work again from 0, this time with another younger - the young people from Ploiesti - starting with priority in September 1990.

Choir people from Ploiesti 1, spring 1992

Choir people from Ploiesti 1, to my aniversary in 1991


On the carols album, „Messiah has born”, emerged in Dec. 1993, you can hear this choir singing a beautiful German carol, „I come to kneel at the manger” (composed by Johann Sebastian Bach and translated by my grandmother, Jenny Scheel). 

I come to kneel at the manger 


Ploiesti 2 choir (1996-1998)

In 1996 a new Ploiesti’s Brethren Church, , has been inaugurated on Miciurin street. I didn’t proposed initially to move at this church, but brother Mircea Cioata asked me to come there with my choir (called „The Middle Choir” ) because it was about a new, pretty big forming church which didn’t had any choir or any youth. Because nobody was going there, I understood that I was the one who had to „sacrifice”. So I did. After this church’s inauguration, my choir suffered a lot of structure changes, because some of the choir people remained with their families in the first Church (no. 1), and in the Church no. 2, new choir people appeared, so that in 1997 I had a generation much different from the first one in 1990. They were so few of the one who helped me to care the furniture in that day...  

Choir people from Ploiesti 2 choir, 1998


With this new choir – Ploiesti 2 – I „touched” some special musical performances for such a pretty little new choir group (I mean they could sing from Halelujah by Handel to Psalms 42 and 95 by Felix Menelssohn-Bartoldy).

Ploiesti 2 choir singing to the wedding of  two choir members (Ema and Cornelus Țigănoaia)


Suceava 2 choir (1996-1999)

One day in summer 1996 I received a call from some old friends in Suceava, Ionica and Viorica Condria’s family. They said: „Brother Eduard, we have now some possibilities and we would wish to offer you a little job as a conductor in our church for forming a new choir because we have a new youth generation and they need someone like you to help them to serve the Lord through songs.”

It was for the first time someone was asking me to be an employed conductor especial for a church ministry. Even if it was a modest salary, something was denoting a new direction in my life. I realized that God wanted for me a intentionally dedication.

 I was thinking that it couldn’t be something for a long time, but I liked that challenge way into the Lord was guiding me. I accepted with joy. I though again : when the Lord is opening you the door, you don’t have to push it but not refuse to enter. So I started in October 1996 the  forming work of that choir. I was commuting from Ploiesti to Suceava every 2 weeks. I was leaving Friday morning and I was coming back Monday morning or in the evening.

In December 1996, just after 2 months, this new established choir could sing some beautiful carols, even Hallelujah by Handel!... I never saw such passion and talent in the same time! Incredible!

Recording of a Suceava 2 Choir rehears

Suceava 2 choir after a rehears, 1998 

Suceava 2 choir after the Easter Concert in Apr 1998

  In a church with less then 250 members, I had a pretty big choir with over 30 young members. It was the biggest choir I ever had (until sept 2009).


"The door" is closing for the second time in Suceava

In April 1999, I organized with the choir „Suceava 2” a Evanghelical Concert for Easter at the Trade Union House in Suceava. Then, the choir people from Suceava sang by heart

„Hallelujah” by F. Handel, „Isajah 53” by F. Bock, „More and more higher” (from Nabucco opera) by Verdi, „Lord, in such a day” by N. Moldoveanu, „You loved me until the ending” by Gabriel Fauree, in Fred Bock’s arranging.

This concert was very successful, and a lot of people from Suceava were asking they self how they didn’t heard about that little church with this magnificent choir until then. They were all very enchanted and some months later we were even invited in United States with a part of that choir.

Halelluja de G.F.Handel - concert al corului „Quo Vadis” - Suceava 2, in Apr 1999


"You've loved us unto the end" by G.Fauree/Fred Bock - „Quo Vadis” -Suceava 2 choir, Apr 1999


Ave verum Corpus (WA Mozart) - "Lamb for sacrifice" - „Quo Vadis” -Suceava 2 choir, Apr 1999


Nabucco - Hebrew Slaves Chorus - „Quo Vadis” - Suceava 2, Apr 1999 


"In a day like this one" (N.Moldoveanu) - „Quo Vadis” choir - Suceava 2, Apr 1999

But God considered that the door from Suceava has to be closed again... for heading for another „opened door”. As I was in a too big relationship with this choir for giving up so easy (it was sounding so good!...), the Lord sudden closed the door to me using, this time, through the decision of „the 7 “weighty” brothers”... as they called themselves. I could continue the conductor’s work in Suceava for a bigger salary, for a better earthly life, opting for a personal men’s interesting . It’s nice to make other people feel good, but first it matters if God is pleased and if He is totally in agree with. 

I have been very depressed after that unexpected episode of my life. It was the second time the door was closing to Suceava.


In this especially CONDITIONS, „My Brother’s Keeper” (MBK) foundation, centered in Pennsylvania, USA, had decided – through the past president’s voice, William Holtry – that this brother  - Eduard Teodorescu - will have to continue this conductor job  because the Lord called him to do it, without depending so much of the people interests, maybe good, but not from God, thoughts that could be great, but that could be bad for the diffusion of the Gospel through this modality named music. IN that way has W. Holtry undestood the things regarding my ministry (because God was working....). 

That’s how I received the commitment from brother Will Holtry which I considered  another „opened door”.

To where? When? Quo Vadis Eduard? Could all of these be a kind of Good Bye? Or an „You’ll see later?”... I didn’t know and I didn’t understood anything in that moments. Happily, now I understand...

Sometimes often, looking at the ensemble after many passing years, I can understand how big are (and there will always be) God’s plans for each one of us.

After the Will Holtry's new vision, in August 2000, I have been employed by MBK foundation as a conductor with the mission to form and perfect Christian choirs in all the Romanian places (meaning evewhere), similarly as the one from Suceava.

Certainly, here’s what I can say after all this experiences:

„Indeed, He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” (Psalm 121:4) and again:

„When the Lord is opening a door to you, you don’t have to push it at all.”  I can say that, too: „When He is closing it, you don’t have to try to keep it opened!” 


The choir from Dorohoi (1997-1999)

Because every 2 weeks I was traveling to Suceava for spending my weekend with the choir people from Suceava at the repetitions and at the local church programs or the one in that zone, a christian family from Dorohoi - Mirel and Lacramioara Besleaga – had decided that would be a pity to not use the occasion that I was traveling in Suceava’s zone to form a choir in the Evanghelical Church from Dorohoi. So, in spring 1997, I started from 0 to form a new choir in Dorohoi.

Choir people from Dorohoi's choir after a rehearsal, 1998

Choir people from Dorohoi after an Easter program, Apr 1998

To learn faster, some people from Dorohoi’s choir start to come at the Suceava2’s choir rehearsals too.

Some people from Botosani Bretheren’s church, had a example for their brothers from Dorohoi, and through my childhood friend, Dan Arghir, and through Daniel Petrariu, the conductor of the choir from Botosani, I worked with that choir too, for a while. 


The MBK’s choir (2000-2003)

After my hiring in MBK foundation, I worked some time with some choir people from Suceava continuing to rehears at home of the Condria’s family.

I organized in December 2000 a Christmas Concert with the „MBK choir from Suceava”, being helped by a group of pious students that came from the Music University in Oradea just for that great fact. It was a very beautiful concert, that sounded almost a professional choir.

Quo Vadis-MBK choir in a Christmas Concert in Suceava, Dec 2000

Unfortunately, the kindness of my dear choir people didn’t matter so much when bigger oppressions from the Suceava church's committee appeared, so that the young choir people could not continue to participate at the rehearsals organized by me, because if they will, they will not be received any more in different ministries from the church that they were making part of... William Holtry tried, useless, to convince the committee that a wrong decision must be canceled and the things must be healed. Finally, after the last „one of that ugly meetings” (in summer of 2002), without any good result, Will decided: „Eduard, you should try to form another choir, where you wish and can do it. MBK foundation will help you in any situation and anywhere. Here at Suceava it seems this thing cannot continue anymore.” He was right: nothing could be done there, the door was „very” closed. In fact, Will wasn’t opposing to continuing my work there in Suceava, but me, I realised that I couldn’t continue anymore.

I understood that day (summer 2001) that I will have to move from Suceava and „find another place to work”. Then I asked my sister, Carmen (Gavril) to help me with some choir people from her choir in Pascani for to continue what I have started in Suceava. I loved to work with that choir people and I even started some recordings which I wanted to finish. So, for some months, we have met for repetitions in Pascani. With that ones and with other ones from Suceava which could came, I’ve recorded some songs that even now exist in the Romanian Christian mass media ( „Be strong in the Lord”, „My good Shepherd found me”, „The Lord is my Shepherd”, „Let Glorify the Lord”, „Up on the cross”, „After the death’s cold shadows and glens”etc).

"Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" - audio

„Be strong in the Lord” by Tom Fetke - audio

"The Lord is my Shepherd"

"After the death’s cold shadows and glens” – audio


In spring 2003, MBK foudation has organized an evanghelistical tournament on the Suceava-Dorohoi-Mlenauti (a small village near Ucraina’s frontier) route with the little „MBK choir” (people from Suceava, Pascani and few choir people from Ploiesti).

Quo Vadis-MBK choir after an evangelistic music program in Dorohoi, March 2003


In July 2003 MBK foundation organized the first big evanghelistical tournament, with a big school bus – typically american – wich was imported in Romania by brother Will Holtry.

Quo Vadis-MBK choir in the Muntenia evangelistic tournament, Jul 2003


 In that tournament of „Quo Vadis – MBK choir” have participated choir people from the 4 zones were I had or heaving coral groups: Suceava, Pascani, Breaza-Campina and Ploiesti. It was a big pleasure for me to have a choir formed by more than 25 persons (at last!), a disciplined, chiseled, polished choir which was singing so beautiful!

Quo Vadis-MBK choir in the Muntenia evangelistic tournament, Jul 2003 in Buzau


I realized that the distances or the cultural limits are not mattering for having such a big and unitary choir; all it matters is that the choirs could work A LOT of time and with THE SAME conductor. Of course, more than anything, it’s that spiritually motivation to sing for the Lord and show Him the best in us must be present in all our hearts.      

With that „Quo Vadis – MBK” multi-zone choir I effectuated an order of Christmas concerts (in Dec 2003 and Dec 2004) in Prahova (Ploiesti and Campina).

Quo Vadis-MBK choir in a Christmas Concert in Campina, Dec 2004


In July 2004 we organized (helped by MBK foundation) our first international tournament: : Oradea-Budapesta-Viena-Pordenone-Rome and in the return: Rome-Pissa-Florence-Venetia-Viena-Oradea.

Quo Vadis-MBK choir in the European trip, Jul 2004 in Budapest


The tour in Austria and Italy was a dream tournament (the duration was 14 days). ALL of that choir people which were singing at those times in „Quo Vadis” choirs could participate at that big spanning tour.

Quo Vadis-MBK choir in the European trip, Jul 2004 in Vien


Quo Vadis-MBK choir in the European trip, Jul 2004 in Vien (here, in the Stephan Plaza, after an instant Handel -Hallelujah concert)


Quo Vadis-MBK choir in the European trip, Jul 2004 in Venice, Italy

Quo Vadis-MBK choir in the European trip, Jul 2004 in Rome, near the Colosseum


I remember how a choir like this could sing so beautiful this sophisticated a cappella song called „You are the wellspring of my life”...


Quo Vadis MBK's choir singing the song "You are the wellspring of my life" into a Pentecostal Church in Roma


My first choir of  teenagers (2001-2005)

In 2001, a brother from the Brethren Church no.2 in Ploiesti (Dan Ion) asked me to see about the teenagers in that church. They already started biblical studies but they also needed to learn music too, because the continual study was hard for assimilating. I accepted although I was a little depressed then, thinking that I studied music so hard just for teaching some few boys and girls, some of them tone-deaf, and a lot without musical experience. But I said: „God, I know that all people want to make a hit in that world; but You want me to do something that nobody likes, totally unconsidered here, but appreciated by You in heavens and necessary for Your name glorify. So, I’ll do Your word...”.

A Ploiesti teenager's choir rehearsal 


Then I started to compose simple songs, that could get to the teenager’s hearts, as: „God is our eternally victory”, „God our Father, who is Lord”, „Yes, I am the Light”, „O Lord, You left Your Holy Throne”, etc.

Teenager's choir from Ploiesti, in a Easter, apr 2005


Breaza's choir (2003-2010)

In the summer of 2003, the pastor Will Holtry came for a visit in Ploiesti. We decided to spend the Sunday at the church in Breaza, with the teenagers choir from Ploiesti. After finishing our program, we went on a sports place to play football in the fresh air from Breaza. Here I met Florin Dinca, a long-sighted men from the little church in Breaza, which proposed me: „Brother Eduard, could you came here in Breaza to form a choir with us?”

Hmm...that sentence was already known to me...  I asked brother Florin if there are enough people for forming a choir and he said : „There are few, but you’ll see...”. And I saw...

After 1 May 2003, a few young people came at the first meeting, but a bigger number came to the second one.

Breaza's choir in Sept 2003


All sheets and negatives were prepared already (from the choirs before that one), we quickly started our job. In less then 2 months of intensive repetitions (3 hours for a repetition), this new choir already knew 10 new parts, of medium difficulty.

It was amazing how quickly a new formed choir could learn pretty hard songs (for example – „Be strong in the Lord” by Tom Fetke or „Up on the rood” by L.v.Beethoven).

„When the Lord is opening a door to you, you don’t have to push it at all.”


Looking to them, I remembered Suceava2-choir and what brother Ionel Fodor from Suceava was telling me for a long time ago, when I was a student in 80’s in Bucharest: „Eduard, you never  have to despair: the grace cannot be forbidden, but only deviated.” Indeed, the grace from Suceava was deviated to Breaza and to all the zone around Ploiesti.

Breaza's choir in a Christmas program in Breaza's church (Dec 2007- singing Lighten Fete)


Strejnic's choir (2004 - 2011)

Between the 2002-2004 years, I was working at the issuance and printing of the Hymnal Book of the Romanian Brethren Assembly of churches . Then a problem appeared : who and how will make the cover ?  A brother caled Olimpiu Cosma (which was working at Agape Printing House in Fagaras) came to visit me for speaking about that problem. Then, accidental, brother Cornel Negoi, long-sighted men at the Brethren Church from Strejnic, came to us too for buying some books from brother Olimpiu. By a word to other, we started to talk about my choirs… Then he asked me suddenly : « Bro Eduard, couldn’t you come at us too to form a choir ? Because our younger need to learn a music with more spiritually character than the one they are listening now. They need a guidance in this sense, so we wish you to come to us for forming a choir. » I accepted with joy knowing how much young people they are at the church of Strejnic. I remembered again : «  When the Lord is opening a door to you, you don’t have to push it at all. » 

So, in september 2004, I’ve started the meetings with the choir from Strejnic.

Strejnic 1 choir in May 2005

Despite a lot of them were playing guitars or mandolins, the learning process of 4 voices singing in a choir wasn’t too easy.

After a Christmas program in Strejnic's church, Dec 2006


With the time passing over, the choir people from Strejnic had participated at a lot of ministries with the other choirs: Breaza, Ploiesti 3 or Ploiesti 4 (the Baptist choir).

In the summer 2006, a little group of 12 formed by choir people from Breaza, Campina and Strejnic heralded the Gospel by singing in a evangelistically tournament in Moldova Republic, but in Tiraspol-Transnistria too, organized with the help of the pastor Istudor Matei from the United States.

Breaza+Strejnic2 group at stage of the Floresti's prayer camp, Rep.Moldova


Launch for Breaza+Strejnic2 group and Rev.Matei Istudor- the organizer of that ministry in the Republic of Moldova


The experiences from the Basarabia’s zones (Chisinau, Floresti, Balti etc.) were unique. Visiting this country in 2006 it was like we’ve spend our time back in the past, in 90-92’s years of Romania


Ploiesti 3 choir (2005-2006)

 On 8 march 1999, I had the last program with the choir from Ploiesti 2. Very big problems appeared between two families of some young people that were singing in that choir. This problems affected our choir so much and for so long time that we couldn’t continue in this spiritual stress. With the occasion of the 8 March day (mother’s day) it was a real disputation because they didn’t know what to do: celebrating this day in the church or not; that was the last „spark”... I saw that we couldn’t continue in this way so I suspended the choir for a while, until the situation will become clear. Unfortunately, that choir never „mended” since 1999. However, at some comittee brother’s initiative in 2003, I started to work with another choir, with the majority of old persons.


Some young people from the oldest Ploiesti 2 choir came to sing in this new choir, which I call here „Ploiesti 3”. This choir was formed initially by another person, but for 2 years we worked together, conducting the choir alternatively (starting in Jan 2005). But I observed that in this style of work, I couldn’t see any significant evolution of the choir in the sense which I was always proposing. Anyway, with the choir Ploiesti 3, I organized two Easter concerts together with the choirs from Breaza, Strejnic or even with the teenagers (in Apr 2006).

Ploiesti 3 +choir people from Breaza and Strejnic's choirs singing together in a Easter Program, in Apr 2005


Ploiesti 3 +Teenager's choir + choir people from Breaza and Strejnic's choirs singing together in a Easter Program, Apr 2006


I have seen ambition at a part of Ploiesti 3 choir people to learn more from other choirs. So, I have organized commune program and rehearsals.

Ploiesti3 + Breaza +Strejnic2 choirs rehearsal


Strejnic1+Breaza+Ploiesti3 in the Easter Program, 2005


Valeni's choir (2006 - 2013)

I have started to work with that choir formed by the Pentecostal youth from Valenii de Munte in the 2006 Spring, after the youth leader, Elisei Dumitru, asked me a lot of times to help them to form a choir. I never had a special feeling that I have to go there. But I understood that God is knocking at a door and I must be the finger that is knocking it.

Valeni's choir after a rehearsal


It was pretty hard for me to start again (a what time?) the forming of a choir from 0. Anyway, the empathy and the enthusiasm that was in that these young people determined me to accept.  If it’s Lord’s will, all it’s possible.

Valeni's choir Christmas concert (dec 2006)

From 2009, the Pentecostal Choir of Valenii de Munte has been unified with two musical groups, one from the Baptist Church and other from the Evangelical Church, both from the same city. The result was a nice multidenominational choir.

The multidenominational choir of Valenii de Munte singing "Angels we have heard on high" (Dec. 2009)


The multidenominational choir of Valenii de Munte singing "The Holy Lord is born today"- Dec. 2010


It was a very interesting experience working with a Pentecostal choir, knowing that in this denomination it doesn't exist tradition of choral music...


Ploiesti - the Baptist choir (Oct 2006 - Sep 2009)

In October 2006, in a Sunday I visited the Baptist Church from Ploiesti. After the evening program, the pastor Irinel Cazacu asked me very directly: „Bro Eduard, could you form a new choir here in our church? We wish to build another Baptist church in this city so we want that, until the building is over, the choir for the new church could be formed and prepared already.” I remained perplexed because such a directly invitation and I was wondering from where pastor Cazacu knows me, and how does he found out that I am conducting choirs... But „When the Lord is opening a door to you, you don’t have to push it at all.”

The Ploiesti Baptist choir (Ploiesti 4 - Elim) after one of the first rehearsals


Ploiesti 4 + Breaza unified choir: a Christmas concert in the "Golgota" Baptist Church, Bucharest Dec 2006


In the Ploiesti's Brethren Church No.2 there was already a choir conductor which I was working with the Ploiesti 3 choir; there were other leaders who concerned about the teenagers, so I became “needless” at time in that church. I could continue the alternative conducting of the choir „Ploiesti 3”, but I couldn’t have a notable musically and spiritually progress. This choir was functioning very well without me, because the results were same . When the pastor Irinel Cazacu proposed me to start a new choir (Poiesti 4), it was clear that I couldn’t loose anything accepting this invitation. I understood that this opportunity from the Baptist church is another opened door. I accepted without a doubt. Actually,„the grace cannot be forbidden, but it can be deviated”...  I started to have weekly rehearsals and I had the opportunity to meet in this new choir people who wished to praise God through songs with a big ambition.

The Baptist choir (Ploiesti 4 - Elim) in the Baptist Church of Moreni


„Quo Vadis” Choir (Ploiesti 4 + Strejnic 2) singing in the Baptis Church of Buftea, 12 Oct 2008


In 23rd of December 2008, the Ploiesti 4 choir with Strejnic2, Breaza and Batesti's Orphanage choir together, they have sung in a Christmas evangelization concert on the Ploiesti Culture House.

 „Quo Vadis” choir - Come to Bethleem


 „Quo Vadis” choir – Messiah was born


„Quo Vadis” choir - Who will receive the Star?


„Quo Vadis” Choir - I come to kneel at the menger (by J.S.Bach)


The Prison's choirs (Mar 2008 - Jan 2020)

In Dec 2007 the Lord guided me to go with the choir from Breaza to visit (for the first time) a prison. God worked that one day, in my car, I've leasten a Christian boadcast program (at the radio SOS Ploiesti) about the sad fortunes of the people in the jails. I’ve been very impressed, so I’ve decided to met the emission’s implementers, the Danovici couple, for details. With their help, I organized the first concert of my choirs (the choir from Breaza) in a prison. In the next videoclip you can hear their voices trying to sing with us.

Breaza's choir people singing a carol before prisoners, inside the prison:


We were very welcomed there and we were surprised of how easy we could do the mission in that place. We’ve planted the seed and we’ve let the Lord to make it grow. So what fructifyed?

Immediately after our visit at the prison, the ladies that were working in the jail asked me if I can came to form a choir with the prisoners...What a interesting door was opening!... I answered, very excited, YES!

So, some months later, I had the privilege to be a conductor for my first „choir” of prisoners. Yes, it's a privilege, because I don’t think I ever had the chance to speak and to be asked so much about the Salvation by so many un-Christian people in the same time and in the same place. Every new song was a new opportunity to talk about a lot of unknown things about God and salvation, just by commenting the text of that song and even reading the Word of Bible together.


I feelt a realy spiritual "wars" in their hearts... They are very unhappy people, the majority have lost their families in a short time after their arrest. Their wife are getting married with other people, so after their delivery, they have nobody in their lifes, neither their children, and even their parents refuse to visit them; the majority starts to trespass again because they don’t have any reason for a better life, and the society isn’t prepared to do something to help them. One time, after some rehearsals, I saw that the number of the „choir prisoners” is starting to substract; one of them were put to work, others were moved to oder jails, etc. I thought I’ll not be received here very well to teach them music. I remained a while waiting, because it was told me to wait until there gone be enough people to work with. But recently, I received a new call from the director of that jail: „Mr. Teodrescu teacher, we are waiting you to start again your activity here..We are very pleased of this activity and we wish you to continue it.” In Sep 2009 I've restarted this activity with a bigger number of prisoners than it was first time. 

People from "Quo Vadis" choirs have sang in that prison this year on Easter time.

Breaza's Choir preparing to entry into the Ploiesti's prison for a Easter Concert , apr 2009

Breaza+Strejnic2 visiting woman's prison to sing before the prisoners, preaching the Gospel trough the music


In 18th of December of 2010, people from the Breaza, Strejnic2 and Baptist choir have sung carols inside the Targsor Woman's Prison. Approximately 50 woman from the prison have heard the message of the Gospel in that Christmas time.

Quo Vadis Singers singing carols inside the Romanian woman's prison (Angels We Have Heard on High)

Boldesti Choir (2011 - present)

There is a city between Ploiesti and Valenii de munte, down the "A" National Road, called "Boldesti-Scaieni", comprised of those two smaller cities ("Boldesti" and  "Scaieni"); their industry is based upon oil extraction and processing. In such a way the Lord worked, throught some complex contexts, that brother Eduard Teodorescu came to know brother Viorel Oprisan, who taks for a couple of years on a radio show about the ethnic christian gypsies, at S.O.S. - a christian radio station in Ploiesti. Since Eduard liked these interesting shows, about the new life that these people live after they've met God, he organized that Strejnic2 choir would go to the church of this comunity, in Boldesti. It was an extraordinary beautiful experience. Because Eduard was impressed by the passion for music of the youths of Boldesti and because these youths have been impressed by the clasical music of the choral group from Strejnic, they decided to meet in order to build a similar choir in their church, in Boldesti. They had their first rehearsal on 22 August 2011.

At the first rehearsal with the youths of Boldesti (22 August 2011)


The first rehearsal meant "love at first sight" for Eduard but also for the future Boldesti choir members. The passion for music twined with sustained work was the secret of the high performance reached in a short time. In the autumn of 2011, in only 3 months, the youths of Boldesti learned a lot of songs - for regular occasions but also with the ocassion of the Lord's Birth Celebration. After January 2012, the members of this choir went to a series of rehearsals of the united choirs - with the Ploiesti5 (Emanuel) choir and Strejnic2 choral group - so that they would participate in a choir festival organized by "Golgota" Church of Bucharest on 27 March 2012.

Quo Vadis choir, comprised of Emanuel baptist choir, a choir group from Strejnic and a choir group from Boldesti (27 March 2012) (watch the video of the next chapter - Quo Vadis United Choirs of Prahova)


On 27 March 2012, a part of Boldesti choir members were invited to sings along with some other mates from Pascani, Campina, Breaza, Strejnic and Ploiesti - they sang a blessing song by John Rutter, at a wedding in Predeal.

The Lord bless you and keep you (Predeal, 27 May 2012)


On 22nd of August 2012, the youths from Boldesti celebrated 1 year since their choir was formed. They recorded some songs with this occasion.

The Lord's Goodness


Heaven is a wonderful place


Rejoice in the Lord


Between 5th and 7th of October 2012, the Boldesti choir members were invited to sing at a celebration / evangelization in the protestant christian environment (lutheran) somewhere around Sighisoara. You can listen here a fragment of their concert in the Evangelical Church from Laslea:


Balaca Choir (5 Feb 2014 - Dec 2019)

After a member of the gypsy choir from Boldesti-Scaieni (Raluca O.) insisted, brother Eduard accepted to have the his first rehearsal (a test-rehearsal) on 5th of February, 2014, at the Plymouth Brethren Church of Balaca, a village / district situated on the south side of Boldesti-Scaieni. Raluca knew the unexpressed yearning for choir that her brethren from the neighbouring village had - especially Damaris Stroe, who worked as a volunteer-tutor for the gypsy children from Boldesti. Raluca knew that there was a serious group of youth in Balaca, devoted for Lord's ministry; however, these youths didn't have the courage to ask the choir conductor brother to start a choral ministry in their village, too, because they thought their church is too small and less important.

Starting with their first rehearsal, Brother Eduard was impressed by their exemplary discipline and work-ability of this youth group. After only 8 rehearsals, they learned 9 songs - because they were studying the musical parts further in the rest of the week, at home or at church.

Brother Eduard was really glad of the ambition of these young people and he organised, in the summer of the same year - July 2014 - a camp, in a village near Sighisoara; there, their program was comprised of prayer and Bible study, which were alternated with canto exercises and choir rehearsal. So this is the way by which a only-six-months-old choir could participate at a choral tour in Austria and Belgium (that's a record for a just-formed choir, as this is), between 19th and 26th of August, 2014 - tour organised with the support of "My Brother's Keeper International", from U.S.A..

Here are some videoclips of this choir (joined by four choir members from Prahova)

We lift our hearts singing - August 2014 (recorded around Seciu, Prahova)


Psalm 23 - 23 aug 2014, "flash-mod" in Grand Plaza, Bruxelles.


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases - 24 aug 2014 - "Elim" church, Bruxelles.


Be strong in the Lord - 24 August, 2014, at "Hope" Church, in Charleroi, Belgium.


Nabucco - Hebrew Slaves Choir - 24 August 2014, at "Hope" Church, in Charleroi, Belgium.


Hallelujah (by G.F.Handel) - at "Hope" Church, in Charleroi, Belgium.


Pennsylvania Choir (Feb - May 2018)

During a visit to the U.S. in early 2018 at the headquarters of My Brother's Keeper Foundation in Roxbury, and in the home of some older friends from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, I met some young Americans who attended the evangelical churches in the Harrisburg’s area and who were very passionate about choral and classical music. Some of them had already listened to Quo Vadis's CD "I Remember You" and wanted to sing on similar choir like the Quo Vadis choir, even to learn the musical pieces from that CD and other songs that the Quo Vadis choirs plays in Romania.
   Initially, Eduard began to learn new songs with the members of the Reinford family and their friends, together. In parallel, another group, the Christians of the Blue Mountains Brothers' Christ Church, also wanted to learn some choral songs, to perform an Easter musical celebration program in their church. So, Eduard started to teach choral music this group too.
Finally, the two groups became one, a chamber choir consisting of approximately 25 choristers from four churches around Johnstown. Quo Vadis music has those people united into a single choral crew, people who may never have met normally.
 As a Brazilian professor said, "music is a bridge between different worlds." They are usually divided for various geographical, historical, political, ethnic, social, religious, educational, age, musical, musical, etc., reasons.
 The work with this passionate choir people is very pleasant and not very hard for Eduard, who had only to look for the English version of the scores for the Quo Vadis choirs in Romania and teach the American choir people some details about the technique vocal issue (bell canto technique).
Singing along with enthusiastic and passionate chorus lovers, who sincerely love the Lord, is always a real blessing for both - conductors and listeners.
You can see below some songs performed by the Quo Vadis Pennsylvania choir:
Now unto Him 
Lord of All
At the “Soon and very soon” song, a part from the Quo Vadis Pennsylvania choir (the young people from the Reinford, Byler and Miller families) have performed the first two verses of this song in the ROMANIAN language, on their mind and into a very clear Romanian!
The young people from the Reinford-Byler-Miller group have performed other songs too which they've sung in the Baptist Church from the Johnstown city, PA. Some of these songs they’ve listen from the “I Remember You” Quo Vadis group’s CD . 
Only You Know 
For The Beauty Of The Earth 
Be Thou My Vision 


Elim Children's Choir (Oct 2019 - present)

Because the choirs' structures are continually changing and the number of their members is lowering - especially in the context to Romania's economic transition - when people are moving to different locations or to more economically-evolved countries for better jobs or other reasons, I decided to grow up the new generations of singers, so that continuous praising of God can be heard in His worship locations.
On 4th of October 2019 he started the children rehearsals at Elim Church:

Over exactly one month, on the 3rd of November 2019, the children I trained have performed two vocal songs at the Thanksgivings Celebration of Elim Church, Ploiesti.

"Cu Domnul pe cale" ("Walking with the Lord on the Path")

and "Da Eu sunt Lumina" ("Yes, I am the Light")

At Christ's birth celebration, the children have sung a number of carols as, for example, "Clopotei Sunati" ("Bells, ring!"):

Staring with December 2019, I tought children blockflute and ukulele lessons. On 16th of February 2020, the children have played the flutes for the first time in church and in March 2020 they also played ukulele. In the ending days of April 2020, the children have recorded videos with the flutes, as part of their first virtual-orchestra video.


- The work with choirs is hard, exhausting, needs a lot of patience and professionalism, but it gives back wonderful satisfactions looking to the spiritual things.

- The Lord is opening and closing doors everywhere as He wants and when He wants.

- „The adventure” of the life with God is full of action and never boring. Just as Luke Holtry (the president of MBK foundation) said: „Here, on the earth, we don’t have time for sleep; we’ll „sleep” in heaven! Ha, ha...”. Of course in heavens we’ll not sleep (Luke joked), but surely the weariness will not exist there. It’s good for us to be devoted for these little things which have been given to us for achievement on the earth, so that we could be prepared enough for much more and much, much beatiful targets in heaven.

 (see Luke 16.10-12)

 -It’s good to have a smaller group, maybe less clapped, but more easy to teach, spiritually speaking. Where is too much clapping from the world, the temptation to forget for Who you are actually singing is much bigger. I like and it’s much easyer to work with shamefaced people. The begginers are always more demured because they know nothing, but the spiritually work with them is huge. 

- The world need to be evangelised , not „culturalised”.

The people are really impressed by a good choir, but they are much more impressed by the mode which every choir member is individually presenting. People are leastening us when we are singing, seeing in us some kind of „Christ’s mirrors” wich are playing the music from heavens. But they are seeing in us more then simple musicians, analysing our music’s tipe and quality. „The Gospel” means what are we are emanating as God’s people, less than as musicians, when we are singing. The music is just a working dais, a kind of communication through we can say who we really are and in Who we belive. If we could perfect this communication would be very well. But we never must forget that the most important target is the message, and then – the way of communicate it.    

- The biggest of a Christian choir conductor’s personal fulfillments is that he can see that a very well prepared choir is radiating a huge evanghelical force. All the members from the actual „Quo Vadis” choirs have been and they are still implicated in different Gospel missions. They discovered that the music’s power of penetrating with all these ocassions is unbelievable.

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